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Our motto. Playing is not a privilege for children. Playfulness is an inherent quality of a child’ soul and a child’s soul knows no limits.

Among other things, we make puppets and design toys in our studio and workshop. Since 1999 we have been manufacturing classical mechanical marionettes primarily for amateurs and families. But of course we also undertake professional jobs, take part in theatre and film productions or complete custom-made pieces to individual orders.

We also design paper toys, typically including classical perspective theatres related to theatrical or dramatic plays and Guckkasten-type theatres using scenery perspective. Another exciting challenge for us is the design of shadow theatres featuring direct gestures.

The cultural history of vision and perception is one of our key fields of research. Thus, we design optical toys and reconstruct media archeological tools and fill these with unique contents.

Many of our products are typically DIY items that need to be cut, glued and assembled at home. This method not only lowers the price of each product but may also help would-be owners to develop their manual skills and is in many cases beneficial in terms of independent problem-solving and discovery. Also, we manufacture limited edition collector’s items with utmost care.

Our studio is located at 24 Síp Street in the 7th district of Budapest. We are open to visitors Monday through Saturday noon to 6 pm.

About our ArtLab: In addition to the above products we keep coming up with new ideas and develop new designs and objects in collaboration with several artists and craftsmen. Our repertoire is also widening through our long nurtured creations that we implement in our experimental projects. These works may pop up under the menu item ArtLab.

Our products are primarily recommended to adults and children above 6 years old. Children under 6 years old may only use them under adult supervision. Puppets, finger puppets, and paper theatres are principally suitable for theatre play as they are intended for that purpose. Please note that the hands, heads, and legs of our puppets are made of fragile sculpting materials. When placing special orders, you are free to choose any other materials or sizes.

We provide warranty for the mechanical parts of all items we manufacture (such as puppets) and after inspection and for an agreed upon price we restore parts that brake, tear or get dirty easily. Also, we undertake restoration of any items not manufactured by us or recommend a specialist. On account of their exclusivity, please take care of all the items purchased from us.

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A Declaration of Conformity is supplied with all of our products that are subject to that requirement. We have completed all required quality assurance procedures and controls. © Richárd Garami © Timur Garami © Eni Ötvös / All rights reserved

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