You can buy in person at the following locations. Our puppets can only be found at the Kornél Café and Gallery - and in London and Oxford. You can buy in our own workshop by appointment only. Personal purchase in Budapest: Kornél Café and Gallery /Lúd Labor / Museum of Fine Arts Shop / Hungarian National Gallery Shop / Hungarian House of Music Shop / London: Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop. / Oxford: Scriptum / San Diego: Art Of Play / Newcastle : The Beach Plum Company / Brugge: Galerie Magiek

​Terms of Use


The owner and operator of Manufaktor’s website is Eni Ötvös, and the operator of the online store is The products of Manufaktor are works made by Eni Ötvös. Copyrights are owned by Eni Ötvös, Richárd Garami, and his legal successor. These General Terms and Conditions fully and without reservations regulate the online sale of products on the website of Manufaktor and its derivative websites (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). The Website offers the works and products of Manufaktor (hereinafter referred to as the “Products”) for sale to those browsing the site. For the implementation of this Agreement, Consumer and Manufaktor shall hereinafter collectively be referred to as the “Parties” and individually as a “Party”. The Products listed on the Website are exclusively intended for personal use by the Consumers. By placing an order via the Website, Consumer agrees to have read these General Terms and Conditions and accept those without reservations, which is not subject to confirmation by signature.

Without the express prior consent of Manufaktor no special condition included in any document issued by Consumer shall prevail over these Terms of Use. If wanting to use the Website, Consumer shall without reservations accept these conditions.


These Terms of Use define the processes that are involved in the sale of Products by Manufaktor to Consumer. It also contains the rights and obligations of both Parties regarding the online sale of the Products.

Such conditions define and regulate the process of ordering.



Manufaktor presents, and provides a detailed description of, the Products on sale on its Website and makes every effort to give a true visual representation of the original ones. However, because Manufaktor has no influence whatsoever on the technical limitations of Consumer’s IT devices, Manufaktor shall not be liable for any false representation of the Products on the Website.

2.2. STOCK

2.2.1. The Products offered by Manufaktor for sale are the ones seen by Consumer on the Website on a given day, subject to stock availability.

2.2.2. If a Product is out of stock or for other reasons not available for Consumer, Manufaktor shall within the shortest possible time notify Consumer to that effect via email, including any substitute products available.

2.2.3. Manufaktor reserves the right to change or withdraw any Product listed on the Website. However, because these items are unique and hand-made, such modifications may affect those orders already accepted and registered by Manufaktor on its Website prior to the execution of such modifications.


2.3.1. The prices of Manufaktor are in Hungarian forints. The automatic system of Soldigo, however, always offers buyers to change prices to the currency of their countries. Such prices will then appear as approximate indicative prices. When checking the contents of the shopping cart and upon payment, buyers will see prices in forints together with the approximate amount in the currency they have set for information purposes. However, payment with credit card is always executed in forints, subject to conversion fees charged by the banks.

Applicable prices are those that appear on the Website at the time of order. Prices include Value Added Tax (VAT) as laid down by the Hungarian Government, but on account of our VAT exempt status currently we don’t charge VAT on our products. However, our prices are subject to any changes in VAT regulation, including the Government Decree on new VAT rules as published by the Hungarian Government.

2.3.2. Manufaktor reserves the right to change prices any time without any prior notice. However, such changes shall not affect those orders registered and accepted by Manufaktor prior to the implementation of such changes.

2.3.3. The prices listed on Manufaktor’ Website are exclusive of any local duties applied in the country of delivery. Manufaktor has no control whatsoever over such costs, nor is it in the position to assess those during the ordering process. Regarding this matter, please contact your local customs administration as customs duty regulations vary from country to country. Customs duties are exclusively payable by Consumer, thus exempting Manufaktor from being liable for any disputes on customs duties.



Browsing the Website, Consumers can see the Products offered for sale on that particular day and are under no obligation to purchase whatsoever.

Browsing the Website, Consumers can also buy Products by clicking on the ‘Add to cart’ button next to the given Product. Consumer may view the contents of their carts, return to shopping or end shopping any time. In the latter case a new page opens asking Consumers to fill in their personal details required for the delivery of the Product. Then, Consumers may pay using PayPal, credit card or prepayment by bank transfer.

Consumers may change their minds and modify their orders until they are confirmed. Consumer may cancel any item already selected.

We deliver by postal mail via Hungarian Post or using courier service with the help of Fedex, so you have the choice if the system offers both options. Delivery charges include the service fees of the carrier, packaging materials, and package handling fees.

Consumers agree to provide a name, an email address, and a delivery address where they can receive delivery during working hours from Monday through Friday. Delivery to P. O. boxes and a COD option is not available.

After filling out the form, you will see the total of your order, including the ordered amount, subtotals, delivery charges, and total amount. Consumer will then receive an email with the banking details required for the payment. Data saved by the system constitutes proof of the transaction between Manufaktor (Eni Ötvös) and Consumer.

Data Protection Statement


Manufaktor uses PayPal, one of the safest online payment services, which is a guarantee for Consumers that Manufaktor can never access the details related to the method of payment Consumers use for paying their orders. Such information is only available for PayPal.


Manufaktor uses B-Payment, the card-based payment system integrated in the Webshop system. B-Payment is a safe payment site that is a guarantee for the safety of your data. Manufaktor has no access to any sensitive data during the financial transaction.

If a Consumer places an order on the Website to be paid by bank transfer, Manufaktor will have no access to any confidential banking information or details of Consumer.

No matter which method of payment you choose, after issuing the invoice we will neither store, nor pass on, your personal details (name and address).

Money Back Procedure

We send packages only upon prepayment by bank transfer. No COD option is available.

After you have placed an order, in a reply mail we let you know the amount of time we need for putting your package together, the delivery fees, and the methods of payment available (card, prepayment by bank transfer, PayPal). If you order an item that we have yet to manufacture because we happen to be out of stock on it, you will also be informed on the expected date of completion. Then you can decide whether you want to maintain your order or not.

We dispatch the package after receipt of payment. You can withdraw from the purchase within 14 working days of receipt of the package. However, in that case you are held liable for the return costs and any banking charges for transferring the refund of the purchase price. Upon receiving the package we will return the amount remaining after deduction of these costs to you.

Should you notice any damage either to the packaging material or the product itself, please contact the carrier immediately and have a damage report completed for later claims for compensation. Please also notify us of the problem as soon as possible or as needed so that we can inform the local representative of the carrier. We can not assume liability for the shipping damages as any compensation for shipping damages shall be the liability of the carrier.

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